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Ride Type Starting Point Departure Date Destination Center Event Name
Need a Ride Jamesburg Parking Lot 6/19/2016 Tassajara Tassajara Need a Ride from Jamesburg Cindy 
Need a Ride San Francisco 7/29/2016 Tassajara City Center Imagination Elaine Needle man
Need a Ride SFO 5/24/2016 Tassajara Tassajara guest student Bert 
Need a Ride City Center 5/22/2016 Tassajara City Center Work Apprentice Ruben Lopez
Offering a Ride SFO 5/8/2016 Jamesburg Tassajara Aligning with Stillness Marissa Lapedis
Need a Ride SOMA near 4th & Caltrain 5/7/2016 Green Gulch Green Gulch Manifesting the Wisdom of the Body(Workshop)GGF Ge Pamela Moretti
Need a Ride Berkeley 5/7/2016 Green Gulch Zen Center Green Gulch Daylong Silent Yoga Anna 
Need a Ride Alameda/Oakland 8/18/2016 Tassajara Tassajara POC Retreat Sarah Valentine
Need a Ride East bay 8/18/2016 Jamesburg, Ca Tassajara Poc retreat Toni Mandara
Need a Ride SFO Airport 5/28/2016 Green Gulch Farm Green Gulch Guest Student Stay Michael Ehrenkranz
Need a Ride Tassajra 5/23/2016 Jamesburg City Center Day after No Race Brian 
Need a Ride San Francisco 6/12/2016 Green Gulch Green Gulch Sunday program Sera Jeong
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